Missionary Alumni in Australia



Steve '79 and Berenice '76 Rarig have lived and served in Perth, Australia since 1990 with Mission to the World. Rev. Dr. Stephen Rarig is MTW's church planting team leader in Western Australia, planting churches in both Fremantle and Sorrento, which are part of the larger Perth metro area. He mentors young leaders and is pastor at large for the growing presbytery of Western Australia. Stephen's wife Berenice is the Area Coordinator for MTW MAKE, an Arts & Cultural engagement initiative that helps facilitate and encourage creatives of all shapes working on church planting teams world wide, equipping them to interact with the culture making engine of their fields of service. Berenice also hosts an arts internship called FUZE, which is part of their new Fremantle church plant. They have eight MTW couples working with, or soon to be working with them. Click here to check out their latest prayer letter in order to understand and connect to their ministry as you are led to pray for their safety and strength as they spread the Gospel, and click here to view the Raring's MTW prayer card.





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