Closed Countries


The following stories are of Covenant graduates who are serving the Lord in closed countries.  We ask that you would pray for them and for the countries in which they serve. 



Jeff has been living in East Asia since his graduation from Covenant. 
Ways you can pray:
The East Asia people will turn from their vain pursuits and empty idols to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
- The local church be strengthened and have a time of peace and growth, much like the early church experienced for a time in the book of Acts without persecution and false teachers
- The church be not only concerned with the preaching of the gospel but would also care for the weak, poor, homeless, and sick; as well as those struggling with homosexuality, trapped in prostitution, and consumed with gambling, all of which are prevalent in Jeff's city
- That more foreign people will have a heart and passion for East Asia and choose to give up a week, month, year or several years to invest in this region
- That prayer will become central in the ministry of Jeff and his co-workers



Jim is a two-year missionary currently serving in Western Europe. He works for a church of immigrants helping to equip new-believers with the tools for gospel ministry. He also works on creating and sustaining small-business initiatives to help keep missionaries in closed countries.
Ways you can pray:
-Please pray for language acquisition. Jim has to learn both the language of his host country as well as the language of the immigrants he ministers to.
-Pray for a softening of hearts as Western Europe and the communities many of these immigrants come from are very spiritually dark.
-Pray for the members of the church congregation as there is a lot of racial prejudice against them from both the Europeans and other immigrant populations.
-Pray the the Lord would show Jim how to be more effective in his ministry.  



Adam '97 has lived in Southeast Asia on and off since 2005. He is currently writing travel guidebooks for a number of publishers, including Insight Guides, Berlitz, Thomas Cook, and ThingsAsian Press. Adam has a vested interest in encouraging and supporting the indigenous church in Vietnam, some of which have suffered profound persecution since the end of the Vietnam War. Vietnam is a communist country, but many people practice a mixture of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and indigenous spirit worship. Adam is currently working on a number of travel guides, one of which has just hit the shelves titled World's Greatest Cities. Read more about Adam's life in Vietnam at You can also listen to Adam's album "Under a Tamarind Tree," which is currently available on iTunes.

--Please pray for the violent situation in Thailand and that the Lord would grant protection.



Neal and Debbie have been in and out of Central Asia since 1996. They are currently helping to train leaders and establish churches while at the same time working with rural communities to start sustainable home businesses.



Some other graduates from Covenant who are serving in closed countries are:

Jim: Western Europe

Hayden: Africa

Peter and Janet: Africa

Anna: Africa

Stephanie: East Asia

Blaine and Amy: East Asia



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