Intercultural Competency


Within the Intercultural Experience course, students involve themselves as participants and/or observers in a cultural/ethnic setting outside of their own culture of origin (or subculture of their own country) in a deep and meaningful way either as temporary members of a family, workers in that society, or volunteers in a service or mission agency with the intention of engaging that culture as fully as possible in the specified period of time. This course is completed in order that each student might grow in their understanding and respect for other cultures and societies (2010-2011 Covenant College Course Catalog).



One of the most significant programs Covenant offers to ensure that students are actively engaging with other cultures is the Break on Impact mission trips. As stated in the course catalog, "The purpose of this program is to remove students from the ordinary and immerse them in a situation in which the focus is on serving others and sharing the love of Christ." In past years our students have been given the opportunity to visit Canada, the Dominican Republic, Germany, Haiti, Ireland, Jamaica, Latvia, Mexico, Appalachia, Arizona, Chicago, Washington D.C., Mississippi, New Mexico, and New York City (2010-2011 Covenant College Course Catalog).


Every May, students are afforded the opportunity to participate in one of Covenant's most recent intercultural undertakings. The intercultural studies concentration brings together both professors and students to be challenged together in a cross-cultural setting. In years past, students have traveled to both Athens, Greece and Rome, Italy in an effort to put into practice all that they have learned in the classroom setting under the guidance of their professor. This opportunity is valuable to shaping students understanding because in practicing field research students are able to better grasp what it means to truly understand various cultures.


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