Covenant College's Thin Film Growth and Characterization Lab for Undergraduates

On this page you can keep up with the progress for the Physics Department's lab for undergraduate research. This facility was made possible by a grant from the Division of Materials Research at the National Science Foundation, under the Major Research Instrumentation program. In addition, the Sanderson Fund from Covenant College helped with the purchase of several components of the lab. Covenant College has also made possible the purchase of the 0.7 T magnet, as well as providing support for student workers for 4 summers. The Principal Investigator is Prof. Phillip Broussard.

Date Status

Angela Hunziker arrived from Europe and has started her research effort. Above you can see her measuring superconductivity in thin films of niobium. She will be attempting to optimize the deposition process.


Amy Davis gave a great presentation at the 2014 SESAPS conference in Columbia, SC. Above you can see her at her poster.


Amy Davis has already grown some great Nb! Above is the comparison between two Nb films she grew right off the bat! Tc's above 9K, and good Jc plots. Even more importantly, very consistent properties. Way to go Amy!.


Amy Davis has started on her research project learning about superconductivity. We will be looking at bilayers of Nb/Cr. First step is growing Nb films.


It was a quiet time last year, but this summer Amy Davis will carry out a research project in the Thin Film Lab. We will be posting updates as the summer progresses!