Covenant College's Thin Film Growth and Characterization Lab for Undergraduates

On this page you can keep up with the progress for the Physics Department's lab for undergraduate research. This facility was made possible by a grant from the Division of Materials Research at the National Science Foundation, under the Major Research Instrumentation program. In addition, the Sanderson Fund from Covenant College helped with the purchase of several components of the lab. Covenant College has also made possible the purchase of the 0.4 T magnet, as well as providing support for student workers for the past 3 summers. The Principal Investigator is Prof. Phillip Broussard.

Date Status

We are in a quiet mode, as we wait for the summertime to do research. The SESAPS presentations in Nov 2012 went well, with both Emily and Tim making presentations. Not much is going on this semester and as of yet there is no student able to do research with Dr. Broussard. So he may have to go it alone.


Abstracts to SESAPS are submitted, and now it is time to get talks and posters ready! Dr. Broussard is doing some last minute measurements of flux pinning, and we will be going to present in November.


We are now getting abstracts ready to submit to SESAPS which will be at FSU in Tallahassee this year. Tim will talk about the growth and Tc's of the Nb/Ni bilayers, Emily will discuss the upper critical field measurements, and Dr. Broussard will discuss the Jc measurements.


We all had fun at Ga Tech in the cleanroom (see above!). We are now growing bilayers and hoping to get some real data. Emily and Tim both enjoy using LN2 in the process!


Bilayer growth has been stymied due to process problems. We are still figuring out how to both grow good Nb as well as thin Ni. Tim and Emily are hard at work. Tim is figuring out Fortran code to calculate Tc's, and Emily is busy analyzing data. We travel to Ga Tech next week to measure thicknesses of our layers.